WOMAD The Memory Twist

30 Years of WOMAD

A creative collaboration

World of Music Arts and Dance

The first World of Music Arts and Dance festival took place at Shepton Mallet in 1982 and has been at Charlton Park near Malmesbury since 2007. Earlier this year Richard White was commissioned by the team that produces and curates artist film and video installations at the festivals to devise a piece to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Visitors to previous WOMAD festivals were contacted via social media and invited to contribute memories by posting images and text to the WOMAD website.

The material was collated and curated and the Aerian team devised an iPad based display.

The Womad Memory Twist

Inside a darkened sea container audiences discover a space illuminated by interactive projections from WOMADs past. In celebration of the festival's Thirtieth Anniversary this work has delved deep into the archives to select highlights and memorable moments.