Walking Wiltshire's White Horses: Phase Two

The short creative walks are now complete and the project now moves into an intensive making phase. Ali Pretty introduces silk painting at a presentation on Tuesday 9 July at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes. Richard White is immersed in the process of collating, assembling and curating the digital media contributions.

Silk Painting: make a flag!

Ali Pretty paints enormous silk flags and banners, her work will be familiar to music festival visitors and those who watched the Paralympics last year. Ali will be making a series of large silks for the installation Freedom On My Doorstep inspired by the White Horse walk at the Wiltshire Museum in August.

 In preparation for the Long Walk to the White Horses Ali is inviting people to make a series of flags. The flags will be handed to the walkers when they arrive at each white horse. There will be a special flag for each white horse. Ali is leading a series of workshops to make the flags following her presentation on Tuesday.

If you would like to find out more about the silk painting, take part in the silk panting workshops or be part of a team greeting the walkers follow the links here:

Digital Media: make a sequence!

The short creative walk involved a journey to each of Wiltshire’s White Horses along the way walkers gathered sounds, moving images and photographs. Walkers responded to a series of questions offered by Ali and shared thoughts and ideas with each other and the world. Walkers have shared these by text and social media and in turn these have been offered to a growing community following the project online.

A number of composers and sound artists are following the project remotely and are contributing new sounds and remixing sounds gathered on the walks. Richard White is now reviewing these contributions and in conversation with the artists and the creative team who have taken part in the walks.

Richard will be combining sound and images and curating video sequences to produce two audio visual projections for the Freedom On My Doorstep installation. Together with Ali he will co-create an immersive experience reflecting and evoking the experience of the walk.

Richard and colleague Adam Jansch are working with the audio contributions to create a virtual sound park for each of the white horses. As the walkers arrive at each white horse they will be greeted by a silk flag and will trigger the launch of the sound park.

Join the team!

There are still many opportunities to be involved in this exciting project:

  • paint a silk flag
  • remix and develop some of the sounds recorded on the Creative Walks
  • greet the walkers at a white horse near you
  • take part in the long walk  for a day or the whole walk
  • greet the walkers at the Devizes White Horse and welcome them to the International Street Festival on Monday Augut 26


If you are interested contact: