Walking Wessex White Horses: the oldest and newest

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Walking Wessex White Horses!

Creative Wiltshire begins the New Year with a project involving all the Wessex White Horses. Funding is now secured from the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to develop the successful Walking Wiltshire’s White Horses project beyond the county boundary to include the ancient Uffington White Horse.

The project is led by the same creative team of Ali Pretty and Richard White: all those who took part in the summer are encouraged to join, along with those who have been involved in the subsequent project on the Cranborne Chase. New walkers, artists, philosophers, musicians and country lovers are invited to join this growing community of walkers and virtual walkers. Follow on facebook here:

Ali and Richard will lead creative walks developing a distinctive circular trail for the Uffington White Horse over the weekend of 25 and 26 January. The walks will include a vist to the mysterious Waylands Smithy pictured above. As ever an invitation is extended to be present with the artists, either walking or online. More details of this will be published shortly.

The new project will see the development and repurposing of the white horse walk website to include all the white horses and provide more information for visitors, the maps will be further developed to provide location specific information on accommodation, refreshments and other attractions. Creative Wiltshire’s Aneta Gorka will develop apps for the route to provide quick and easy information related to the walk and the area in the context of the sound park curated by Richard White. A new sound park will be created for the Uffington White Horse.

Ali Pretty will be present as a walking artist, she will also create new artwork inspired by the walk to go alongside the ‘Escape Maps’ produced for summer show in Devizes. This work will be brought together into a souvenir artist’s map for all nine Wessex White Horses.

The entire project is intended to bring new life to the old White Horse Trail. It seeks to support local businesses who provide services for those visiting these iconic features on the chalk downs and those walking The Ridgeway and the other old tracks that connect them.


If you run a business and want to get yourself on the new maps:

If you would like to join the walk or contribute online, register here:  or follow on facebook:




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