The Ridgeway Project at County Hall: free app, website and installation

The Ridgeway Project at County Hall: free app, website and installation

An interactive digital arts initiative exploring the Ridgeway in Wiltshire. The Ridgeway Project consists of three integrated elements: an installation at the remodelled County Hall in Trowbridge, a website and a smartphone app. Made by Creative Wiltshire and commissioned by Wiltshire Council: the website is live and the app available for free download, the installation can be viewed  in the new atrium space at County Hall Trowbridge.

The website:

Soundscapes, Photography and social networks

Visitors to County Hall can view images from the Ridgeway created by walkers, artists, amateur and professional photographers alongside iconic images produced by photographer Fay Godwin.  The app offers an  an ‘armchair version’  experience  as well as an invitation to go ut and walk a section of the path and listen to soundscapes created for specific points on and near the track.  County Hall visitors will be able to view the images on a very large tv screen mounted on the wall in the atrium.

New contributions encouraged

Visitors to the installation and the website and users of the app are encouraged to make their own contribution: “We are looking for new sounds and images from the Ridgeway to develop the installation and app. I am hoping that people will be inspired to walk the Ridgeway and create their own content for the site. Some of the new images may go live during the installation at County Hall or in an update to the app. The ancient track was created by people just walking from place to place, it was crowd sourced so we are crowd sourcing this digital interpretation!” said curator Richard White.

Soundscapes developed by Wiltshire College students

The Ridgeway Project was curated by Richard White and designed by Aneta Gorka at Creative Wiltshire working with material from a range of sources including sounds and images produced by children from Great Cheverell primary school in response to the Fay Godwin images. The soundscapes were developed by students at Chippenham on Wiltshire College’s Music Technology course and photographs were contributed by staff and students amongst others.

Fay Godwin

The entire project celebrates the work of therenowned landscape photographer Fay Godwin and the images she produced from The Ridgeway in the 1970s. Twenty of these prints will be on display at County Hall from the Creasey Museum in the Young Gallery, Salisbury Library. The commission is a part of the redevelopment of County Hall in Trowbridge and is featured in the 2012 Trowbridge Arts Festival. It is an invitation to the community to explore both the county as a creative and dynamic place to live and the possibilities being opened up by the new facilities in County Hall. The website and app show some of the places Godwin visited and provides a creative interpretation and an orientation to part of the route.

The website:

testing the app in West Kennet Long Barrow


 response to a photograph by Fay Godwin, by Maddie G from Great Cheverell Primary School


 towards Uffington Castle: exploring the location of a photograph by Fay Godwin