Freedom On My Doorstep

Digital media, painted silk, history, walking art and carnival come together in the installation, Freedom on My Doorstep, at the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes 16-31 August.

Freedom On My Doorstep by Ali Pretty and Richard White is the latest from Walking Wiltshire’s White Horses. The installation provides an immersive experience based on the walk last summer and the recent creative walks to the white horses. It provides a representation of the journey completed and offers an invitation to join a journey to come. The main 100 mile walk begins with a flag presentation and the opening of the virtual sound park at Westbury White Horse on Thursday 22 August. More info about the walk and the installation

Inspired by the walk she led in 2012 Ali Pretty, has produced a series of large silk paintings for the installation. These vibrant works bring colour and energy into the museum visually echoing Ali’s career in carnival and resonating with the forthcoming  Devizes carnival. In addition to the formal exhibition work Ali led a series of community based flag painting workshops, the flags produced will be presented to the walkers on their 5 day journey as they pass each white horse. On their return from the walk the flags will be flying during the Devizes Carnival.

Ali’s huge silks express something of the philosophical and psychological experience of the journey, Richard White has collated images, sound and text and this work complements the silks. At times the sounds are darker and challenge the vibrant life affirming colour, elsewhere the digital work is both playful and reflective. Together the installation creates a representation of a journey done and a briefing for one to come.

In addition to gathering digital content himself, Richard made extensive use of social media to gather in contributions from those who joined the creative walks programme in June and from artists further afield. The appeal for audio contributions went worldwide and the installation makes use of work contributed by sound artists and composers from as far as Uzbekistan and South America. Some musicians used the field recording made by Richard and the creative team as starting points for contributions responding to a specific theme.

Much of the audio work contributed is used in the installation and all of it will be used in the sound parks to be geo located at each white horse.

Contributors include:

Cody Brookshire

Jamie Flukes.

Juan Carlos Vasquez

Mansoor Hosseini

Michael Ridge 

Serban Nichifor

Evagelia Siarvali

Mark Goodwin

Vitaliy Rybakin

Liana Alexandra

Victor Khandamian

Adele Fletcher

Zoe Buser

Secret Perdu

Moments of Happiness