Creative Walks Begin

Walking Wiltshires White Horses

Creative Walks Social Media briefing

 People have walked these paths ahead of us for generations and many will follow.  As we walk we will listen for their footsteps and leave our own memory trail. We will be joining a conversation on landscape, place and people that has been running since our ancestors first walked these hills.  We were once only connected by these paths, now we can connect instantly across the globe. Ali Pretty and Richard White invite everyone who is taking part in the creative walks to use the new connectivity to contribute: to share thoughts and experiences, sounds and images. On these walks and after we hope you will enjoy a form of creative sharing using the latest and most ancient technologies.

  • If you have a smart phone/device, a camera or an audio recorder please bring them along.
  • If you play an easy-to-carry musical instrument, please bring it and play!
  • If you use a note book or sketch pad please bring that too!
  • A limited number of digital cameras and iPads will be available to loan, please book in advance.

In August at the Wiltshire Museum you will be able to experience an installation based on the sounds and images you create. If you join the Long Walk you will be able to test elements of the free app we plan to create for Wiltshire’s White Horses

The project already has a very active Facebook group and Twitter stream, please like/follow!

Sharing Images:

Sign up for Flickr and post your images to the Walking Wiltshires White Horses flickr group

There is a more detailed briefing  on the group page.

  • save your images on a Creative Commons license.
  • use the tags: #walkwiltshire and #wwwh2
  • if your camera does not geotag automatically,  locate your image on the flickr map

If you are using a sketch book please scan your images or get a digital photo and post it to flickr.

If you are using a video camera, please choose short sequences and again post that to flickr.

Sharing Sounds

Sign up for SoundCloud, follow Creative Wiltshire and join the Walking Wiltshires White Horses group and share your sounds! If you are using a smart phone or iPad you can record sounds and post them straight away. We are hoping for short recordings of atmosphere or your thoughts/memories/conversations as you are walking. As well as voice based material, feel free to post loops or create and post soundscapes when you return from your walk. We are inviting sound artists to remix this work.

As with flickr, please use a Creative Commons licence and the tags: #walkwiltshire and #wwwh2

Sharing Text

Sign up for twitter. Follow and contribute to the conversation @whitehorsewalk by using these tags: #walkwiltshire #wwwh2

Ali has created a 100 line statement for this project.

We invite you to contribute a collective 10 line statement for each white horse. Tweet your line to @whitehorsewalk

Or email:

Both Richard White and Ali Pretty are contributing to blogs on this project you can comment and contribute here too.


Other social media:

Richard White and Creative Wiltshire are also using:

Vine…short video

Instagram…instant snaps

Audio Boo…short audio

If you use these please use the tags: #walkwiltshire and #wwwh2 and share via facebook or email

We are using a combination of Viewranger and Social Hiking to track our walks. More detail on this to follow.


If you do not wish to join flickr/soundcloud etc please copy your files as jpegs or .mov /.avi  or aif/.wav files to CD. Data DVD, files need to be named and geo-located. If possible. Supply them to the Wiltshire Museum with a signed statement clearing them for use as per Creative Commons.

For further information and support please contact Richard White at Creative Wiltshire:

Sign up for the walks at Wiltshire Museum




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