Walking Wiltshire's White Horses: An invitation to be present:


Richard White and Ali Pretty today issued an open invitation to all those who have expressed an interest in the project to date to be present during the 5 days of the walk beginning Thursday 22 August.  The appeal is to people joining the  walk and those following remotely and will use a range of social media and digital art platforms

Contributors already range from sound artists in Uzbekistan, Italy and the United States to primary school children in Wiltshire. All are invited to follow and contribute to a developing conversation in words, sounds and pictures.

People have walked these paths ahead of us for generations and many will follow.  As we walk we will listen for their footsteps and leave our own memory trail. We will be joining a conversation that has been running since our ancestors first walked these hills.  We were once only connected by these paths, now we can connect instantly across the globe.

Ali Pretty and Richard White invite everyone who is taking part in the project to use the new connectivity to contribute: to share thoughts and experiences, sounds and images. On these walks and after they hope users will enjoy this form of creative sharing using the latest and most ancient technologies.

The 5 day walk links live into the installation currently taking place at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, Freedom on My Doorstep. The installation offers an exploration of the themes that emerged during the development stage of the project and informs the current phase of the project. More info on the walks

The invitation is to those who are actually joining the walk and especially those who are geographically distant.

Richard and Ali are using the following platforms:




Wiltshire wide and beyond...