5 days, 8 white horses, 100 miles, 4000 years of history

Routes and locations published for Walking Wiltshires White Horses. Each horse will host a geo-located digital audio park triggered by the walking team. The walkers will be presented with a unique silk flag recently painted by local people in a series of workshops at the Wiltshire Museum led by Ali Pretty.

Artists, walkers, philosophers and all those who enjoy the countryside are invited to join the walk. Walkers are welcome to join for a day, half day or the full walk. Come and see the walkers off, take part in a flag presentation or celebrate the end of the walk in Devizes. If you would like to register your interest in the whole route follow this link, otherwise follow the links below

Thursday 22 August Day 1 From Westbury White Horse to Devizes Wharf:

From the dramatic view west at Bratton Camp along the perimeter of the ranges to the top of the lane that leads down to the remains of Imber village. The route drops down into the valley and across to the canal. Lunch at Poulshot. Into Devizes via the famous flight of locks on the Kennet and Avon canal. Finishing at Devizes Wharf. Register here 

Friday 23 August Day 2 From Devizes Wharf to Broad Hinton

A walk into prehistory, visiting some of the most ancient sites of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain. To Cherhill White Horse along a section of Roman road and into Avebury on the old coach track. Short loop to Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow back into Avebury along the Avenue. Onward to Broadtown White Horse, finishing at Broad Hinton Register here

Saturday 24 August Day 3 From Broad Hinton to Devizes

Up to the Hackpen white horse and then a spectacular length of Ridgeway before heading south again into downland to the ancient fields of sarsen stone. The Grey Wethers. Here a picnic and then on to Marlborough and its white horse. Register here

Sunday 25 August Day 4 Marlborough to Pewsey

From Marlborough through old woods growing over ancient earthworks. Up to the ridge overlooking the Pewsey vale and Martinsell Hill. Ali's  Moment of Happiness. Across the canal and on to the downs again to Pewsey white horse. Back into Pewsey for overnight stop. Register here

Monday 26 August Day 5 Pewsey to Devizes

Leaving Pewsey and  passing its white horse, across Pewsey Vale and the Kennet and Avon canal. An early lunch at Alton Barnes then onto the downs for a close encounter with the Alton Barnes white horse. This last leg of this walk completing the whole 5 day experience continues with a further section high on the great Wansdyke bank and ditch before finally down into Devizes passing the town's new white horse. Register here

Finishing at Devizes Street Arts Festival accompanied by a samba band, all flags flying!

silk flag painting workshop in Devizes

detail of one of the flags to be presetned to the White Horse Walkers


Ali Pretty with batik flag painted at Devizes


images by Anjalika Baier and Mike Johnston